‘Dancing with the Stars’ [Spoiler] Season 29 ends

DWTS Season 29

Dancing with the stars Fans could breathe a sigh of relief on Monday night, as no one will be there Brain-themed performances that felt like a mental journey. No Viennese Waltz performed from “Memory” CatsNo footsteps have been set for Katy Perry’s “Thunder”, and hopefully for the rest of season 29, there’s no velvet for any reason.

Now that Carol Baskin and Charles Oakley – the weakest competitors in this cycle in the debate – have been eliminated, we have a roster of AmetyRuds that are far better than anywhere else. But the top 13 performances were still unfortunate for a pair (and for the directors in the control room, apparently); Before we reach Monday’s results, let’s remember the ups and downs of the evening:

The best of the night
Sky Jackson and Prof. Alan Burston (Foxotrot)
– Sky’s Faxtrot not only served as a salvation for his last two weeks, but it was an amazing tribute to his late Disney co-star, Cameron Boyce. Although Sky’s faith has already faltered, he performed every beat of Monday’s dance with such maturity, never trusting Allen to do a heavy lifting once. And speaking of lifts, with Sky’s hands on the hips of the announcement, this final round was beautifully presented, it seemed as if it belonged to a box of music, as the music was played. Judges Score: 28/30

The best of the night (runner-up) … and the shortest interview from Tyra Banks QU Question
Caitlin Bristow and Pro Artem Chigwintsev (Viennese Waltz)
– Although Caitlin’s performance was not great and brilliant – that was it! – The last turn around his arm’s knee was reason enough to push his leaderboard. Flexibility! “Of course Tyra Banks already knew that Caitlin was thinking about her boyfriend, Jason, during her routine … because her whole rehearsal package involved dedicating her dance to Jason,” she said. Judges Score: 25/30

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The best X-ray to get back to the old routine
Justina Machado and Prof. Sasha Farber (salsa, photo) – Performance of Justina and Sasha Was Fire, but the soundtrack – Wisin’s “Kavin Viva La Vida” – was also used. Jordan Fisher’s Triangle Dance With Lindsay Arnold and Corbin Blue during Season 25, and now I’m going to look at this loop again in the evening. As you should! Judges Score: 24/30

The most extended
Blue and Pro Daniel Karagach (Passo Double) – Hello, success! Daniela gave Nelly too much material to specialize in this peso double, which in itself boosted her performance. But now that her foot is getting more and more confident, Nellie needs to work on her face, which is attracting all sorts of weird ideas – probably without her understanding – during every routine. Tyra, suggest some smiles to this man. Judges Score: 21/30

The worst of the night
Jesse Metcalfe and Prof. Sharna Burgess (Cha-Cha)
– If we’re looking at chemistry alone, Jesse and Sharna will be at the top of the leaderboard every week. (He blinks ਅਤੇ and ਤੁਸੀਂ you ਯਾਦ remember ਇਹ it was precious to kiss, wasn’t it?) But despite his dusty rhetoric and clear commitment to rehearsals, Jesse has become so heavy in most of his performances, and he seems to be. Beat each step. Obviously, I’m not sure he’s really having any fun here, and he’s enjoying his journey. Judges Score: 21/30

And now, the results… which could not shake as many competitors can be expected! Or as Tyra would have expected! Or as one might expect!

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Couples in happiness
Ann Hatchey and Pro Kio Motespi
Vernon Davis and Pro Peta Murgatroid – Wait, not them.
Chrysal Stoys and Pro Gleb Savchenko? – Wait, not even them!
Monica Aldama and Prof. Val Well Chamorkowski

Per “Tyra, Monica and Val” was declared safe, due to “an error in the control room”. Then, Anne, Krishal and Vernon – as there are only three contestants left on the dance floor – were waiting to hear the names of the two below, Tyra said. And Vernon was both safe, and Monica was really in danger. (Say what you think of Tyra’s hosting performance, but I thought she got better than that.)

Saved by judges
Monica Aldama and pro-Val Chamorkowski (protected by all three judges)

Ann Hatchey and Pro Kio Motespi

Your turn! How do you feel about the demise of Ann and Q? And what other couples impressed you on Monday? Tell me below!

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