Danilo Gentilli rips off action in Globo against the situation linked to his controversy

Danilo Gentilli rips off action in Globo against the situation linked to his controversy
Danilo Gentilli returned to talk about the controversy surrounding the film (Image: Reproduction/SBT)

Danilo Gentilik Tornar from the film Como returned to comment on the controversial allegation of apology for pedophilia with Pier Aluno da Escola (2017). The comedian criticized what he called the patrols on the right and left.

In an interview with Crusoe, presenter of The Noight from SBT, Declaration of equality and difference of oppression That he has already suffered during the PT governments and the present government.

“I am a comedian, not an extremist. Although this is my profession, as a voter I refuse to be the Joker. If he promised and did not fulfill, he should be accused and criticized”. He fired.

In relation to the Bolsonarista attacks, he ruled: “Isn’t any Bolsonian discourse hypocritical? I’ll mention a few other things that are unfair: Can a Christian say he wants cancer, torture or shooting for someone? Is there a lava jato claiming to fight corruption? Can anyone be proud to end the rift and protect the rift? Is there anyone who says he is against Mamata, to replace his son as an ambassador to the United States and party funds at the time of the country’s break-up? I could flirt with the idea of ​​releasing billions of rupees? There are many examples, right?”.

In the interview, Gentilly also “thanks” to Mario Frisse, the special secretary of culture, for promoting his film, which has become one of the most-watched films on the streaming platform after the controversy. “Then they say that he [Frias] Did nothing to promote national cinema. My film, at least, it helped a lot. , ridiculed.

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Famous also advised that President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and the Minister of Justice, Anderson Torres, watch a comedy to “relax and reflect”. “I recommend ‘The Lear’ by John Kerry”he told.

Danilo Gentilli pinned Fabio Porchato

The controversial feature, available on Netflix, was also censored after it was accused of promoting pedophilia because of a scene in which the protagonist, Fabio Porchat, tries to abuse two teenagers.

Even so, for Gentilly, it was the fact of global involvement that made the topic the TV news headlines from Globo and Globonnews.

“I only regret that sometimes oversight and the fight for independence are one-sided. I can give a more recent example: it has been a year since Bolsonist representatives asked the STF for my arrest and then my network It is very serious. More serious than this censorship of the film. It didn’t make news on Globonnews or Jornal National. Could it be because the scene now had a global (porchat), is it worth highlighting? Was?”, asked the famous.

Gentilly added: “If you analyze Jornal Nacional, you won’t even mention my name. And I was the Justice Minister who was mentioned in this episode. I always say: The problem isn’t what you say or do. What you do, but rather who speaks and who does. It is not healthy to build values ​​consistently. We need to think more about protecting some absolute values ​​and defending short speeches or pathos. about less”.

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