Dave Bautista claims that Army of the Dead is a political film

Dave Bautista claims that Army of the Dead is a political film

After his departure from the Cinematographic Universe DC, Zack Snyder quickly achieved another great success without wasting time, Army of the dead: Las vegas invasion, Which marks his return to Zumbi’s films after 17 years of being successful. Dawn of the dead.

The new production commissioned by Netflix, the 1978 George A. of the same name. Romero is a remake of the classic, not even released yet and is already guaranteed two sequels: Army of the Dead: Lost to Vegas I Army of thieves.

The film will show the afterlife involved in a zombie outbreak in Sin City, when a cook and a band of veteran businessmen are tasked with stealing $ 200 million from a safe under the Las Vegas Strip, full of zombies. it happens.

An amalgam of action with zombies, the production incorporates new and surprising elements of science fiction, including social and political commentaries on the survival of various races.

In fact, the film’s political leanings have already been exposed by Dave Butista, who, during a conversation with the Screen Rant website, made a point of saying that during the filming trip in 2019, the film is too much political for many people to realize Happens or has to wait.

When asked about the importance that the film played by Ella Purnell, between her character, Scott Ward and her daughter Kate, has to the film, Bottista said that the genre of the film has many more layers than people expect. .

“With Scott, obviously a story of father and daughter.” I think this is a bit unusual for a big crazy zombie movie. There are a lot of different things in this film. There are a lot of different layers in this film. There are many things about relationships, ”he said.

Army of the Dead (Press Release / Netflix)

He then emphasized the political relevance of the film.

“It’s very painful, but also, the film is far more political than people think. I’ll just spare it now. I don’t know if you’re watching the news on the monitors out there. It’s very political. And that’s it Makes it relevant. I think most people see it as zombie theft and that’s it, but some people who choose it will discover some political relevance in it.

Dave’s statement confirms in which promotion production marketing is trying to show Army of the dead, Which is not just another zombie apocalypse film.

From the information so far about the film and the comments of the production team and cast, you can see that Snyder is actually using the film as a means of social and political criticism.

Not only did the director use a zombie-infected shopping mall to criticize consumerism, he also ensured that a large cast of actors from around the world along with actors from Mexico, the United Kingdom, India, Germany, Japan and France Ho..

Snyder went so far as to point out his political criticism Army of the dead In a commentary on the production.

“The film looks at how a zombie plague will impact marginalization and how the government can use something like a zombie plague to take away certain freedoms,” he said.

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