Dave Grohl thrilled with the help of the US government in the hall concert hall

Dave Grohl thrilled with the help of the US government in the hall concert hall

It is no secret that musicians and concert hall owners are the most financially affected by the new coronavirus epidemic.

In the last few days, the federal government of the United States has approved an aid package for the country’s citizens, which includes, among other things, the “Save Our Steps” project.

The idea is that the owners of the concert hall, especially the freedmen, have the resources to move forward in a period when live performance is not possible, and it will certainly preserve art-related businesses.

Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters and Concert Hall Help

Since Dave grohl, leader of Foo Fighters, Recognized the importance of approving the project and used it Official band accounts To publish the following announcement:

A big and sincere thanks to all who supported our stage act saved yesterday as part of the economic stimulus project. Preservation of small, independent concerts in the United States is important not only for the millions of fans who have made their lives better by staying in touch with their favorite artists, but also for the future of music. In itself, as it gives the next generation of young musicians a place to take the first steps for them, improve their art and become the voice of tomorrow.

The lack of live music this year made us remember the sense of connection in the community that is best used when it comes to a song. The Save Our Stages Act takes us one step closer to re-sharing that feeling, a feeling that I hope we will have the opportunity to enjoy again very soon.

Every day we are one step closer.

See you there


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