Davy Belfort, son of Vitor Belfort, is desired by football promises and three American colleges

Davy Belfort, son of Vitor Belfort, is desired by football promises and three American colleges

16-year-old Davey Belfort is gaining college football attention in the United States. Highlighted as quarterback, three universities in the country made contact with Son Winter Belfort To attract the boy to his teams. However, starting in September 2021, Dewey would have to go through the entire high school before closing the first contract.

Davy Belfort is a promise of American football (Playback: Instagram)

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Fighter Vittor Belfot’s son has a special case in American sports. It breaks traditional writing where college football players start receiving offers only in their final two years in high school. By comparison, Trevor Lawrence, the current NFL Draft first choice, received his first offer when he was halfway through high school. However, David made his first proposal two years ago.

The most recent proposal comes from the University of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he lives with his family. David previously received offers from Arizona State University and Florida Atlantic University in 2020.

Dewey will only be able to debut at a university in 2025. After that period, if he wanted to join the NFL, it would be three or four years before he hired one of the major professional franchises.

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