Deadly jellyfish attack UK beaches – Portuguese man warns’ war | UK | News

Deadly jellyfish attack UK beaches - Portuguese man warns' war |  UK |  News

Deadly jellyfish washed up on County’s Lusty Glaze Beach. Authorities have called on members of the public to stay away from any Portuguese men fighting on the beach. The fighting sting of a Portuguese man is very painful and powerful to kill fish and even humans.

Man’s war is a colony of creatures working in symbiosis rather than a single creature.

Tentlanc can grow up to 165 feet long, up to 50 meters.

A jellyfish was first spotted near St. Agnes on August 30.

Sam Love, 22, saw a poisonous creature.

He said: “I am fully immersed in my marine biology and marine life, so I was convinced that this is a Portuguese man ‘fighting.

“I took some pictures and as soon as I got the hint I looked it up and it suits the details.

“It didn’t look like a normal jellyfish, it almost looked like a blown sandwich bag, but the blue and pink colors took it away.

“We were very careful around it.

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“The colony floats from the bottom of an air-filled float and has many long slender temples, often up to 10 meters in length, hanging underneath which are used for fishing and it has a very powerful sting. Can.

“Portuguese men ਸੰਪਰਕ Contact with war is usually the result of very painful stings that can leave dirty receptions, wounds and boils.

“In some cases, stings can cause anaphylactic shock, and young children are particularly at risk.

“And be careful because they can still sting when they appear dead on the beach, so we advise people to stay well alone and keep animals away.

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“Recommended treatment for human-war stings involves immediate removal of tents with tippers and rubber gloves, first with salt water and washing, but do not rub the area as this will damage the sting.”

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