Defa Bezos’ new “toy”? – B92

Defa Bezos' new "toy"?  - B92

An interesting international collaboration worth several hundred million dollars has been launched in the United Kingdom.

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Photo: EPA-EFE/Michael Reynolds

Photo: EPA-EFE/Michael Reynolds

A demo project of the Fusion Power Plant will be launched there in three years.

A fusion nuclear power plant that produces more energy than it consumes is 5, 10 or 30 years away from us, depending on who you ask. But there is no dearth of development projects of this type of power plant.

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ITER, South Korea, China and others involved in the production of various tokamak and “Waitaki Sons” have now joined the United Kingdom in collaboration with Canadian and American investors.

Canadian company Deneral Fun has begun construction of a demo project of a fusion power plant in the English city of Culham, where the United Kingdom’s Atomic Energy Agency already has its premises, SEEB reports.

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The development will cost about $400 million, and funding will be provided by the company itself, which raised nearly $100 million in investments last year.

In addition, multi-billionaire Def Bezos, who has been collaborating with him for more than ten years, will be involved in funding the project. One of the funders will be officials from the United Kingdom, who will co-finance the project with £222 million ($306.6 million).

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Deneral Fune develops a technology called magnetically targeted fusion, a technology that, like the others, has not yet been put into practice in net positive energy balance.

In the UK this project will be built for demo purposes only. Construction would take about three years, and would result in a 70 percent “real” reactor, which could be the basis of a commercial power plant in the future. Eventually, this fusion reactor will not produce electricity, but will be used to test the formation of pure plasma and its maintenance.

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