DefinedCrowd changes image and name to focus on artificial intelligence sector

DefinedCrowd changes image and name to focus on artificial intelligence sector

From DefinedCrowd to The technology company, founded by Portuguese Daniela Braga, changed its name and image to a “rebranding”, which aims to respond to “the company’s growth” and reflect the company’s work in the field of artificial intelligence.

Via a note sent to the newsroom, the technology indicates that various services provided through brands such as DefinedData or Defined Crew will be aggregated into the hat-name.

The company’s founder and CEO said in a statement that this is “a milestone for, at a time when AI technology is involved in all aspects of our lives, both technologically and geographically”. “Our team is changing the way AI innovates by starting with data. By advocating for ethical models that are free of bias and providing tools that will make products as inclusive as possible, the team is building the future in real time. We are defining standards and promoting the development, adoption and application of AI technology”, continues Daniela Braga.

(now) was created in 2015 by Daniela Braga in Seattle, USA. In addition to Seattle, the company has offices in Lisbon, Porto and Tokyo, Japan.

The company provides marketers with data to train artificial intelligence models with multiple technologies such as Google or IBM as customers.

The company has raised over $60 million in investments over the years.

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