Demi Lovato’s X-Max Ehrik Press Staging Convicted of Stinging Sulaki Beach


The former ‘Under Dome’ star has been described as ‘attention-grabbing’ and ’embarrassed’ when he was caught on camera at the paparazzi while mopping on the beach, where he probably proposed to a ‘someone’ singer. .

Max Ehric Gets more hatred than sympathy because he feels sad when his relationship ends Demi Lovato. The actor has allegedly been blamed by the press for watching his latest fun on the beach.

Over the weekend, “American Princess“Starr visited a beach in Malibu, which is believed to be the same beach where he had asked Demi this question a few months ago. By getting into a video TMZHe was sitting alone on the beach with his head in his hands. At one point, he took off his blue cap while staring in frustration.

But not many people were buying that Max in the video was really upset. Accusing the actor of planning and inviting Paparazzi to take the video, a man called out to him, “Heartbroken? Sure. Understandable. Calling Peps and paying you to pay them.” How? Gross. ”

Another who suspected Max’s apparent sadness wrote on Twitter, “Oh please. Is anyone buying this nonsense? Such a meditator.” A third person agreed, saying, “Absolutely. His behavior is very wrong and psychological. It’s scary.”

“Oh Dudlovto you really took a shot at it !!!” Another chimpanzee, while another was concerned about Demi’s safety, said, “It reminds me of the movie. No one will tell. Hess F ** Raja is horrible and needs to be protected.”

“He’s milking it – how an academy contributes to a decent performance,” another accused Max Act of acting. Similarly, another pointed out that in his recent personal VideoMax seemed to be in a different mood, “but he was laughing and streaming ice cream. Selena Gomez Literally last night. Someone else commented, “Isn’t he ashamed?” It’s a shame. ”

Still, there were some who defended Max and patted a critic on the back, saying, “It’s just embarrassing to be seen. These are regular human beings.” Another responded by saying, “Why? The boy didn’t let the person he wanted to spend his life with get upset.”

Meanwhile, someone else suggested that Max get professional help for his mental health. “This person needs advice. Be courageous man. This world is full of surprises. You don’t know who you will meet tomorrow,” the user commented positively.

Before seeing his beach, Max pleads with Demi’s fans to stop bullying him. “We are both anti-bullying people so people should stop bullying,” he told TMZ. “What people think is about it – it has nothing to do with anything.”

He was referring to claims that Demi divorced him because he allegedly took advantage of her fame. “People should not believe what they are reading,” he said, dismissing the rumors as ridiculous.

He also pleaded with them all to stay alone, as he was planning to “let her alone”. He said, “[We have to] Do what is healthiest and safest for both of us. ”

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