Looking for what to see on vacation? We have prepared a list of movies for you

Looking for what to see on vacation?  We have prepared a list of movies for you

Casting Alto, from Netflix, is one of the highlights (Photo: Reproduction/Netflix)

Over the next few holidays, everyone will spend their time relaxing in a different way. Some choose to travel, others decide to stay at home. If you’re a fan of the movie and want to sleep on television until the weekend, state gazette Compiled this list of five bespoke titles.

five holiday movies

The movies that will be recommended below are on various streaming platforms. hey In Separated one work from each catalog, in order to promote the greatest possible variety list, Without further ado, let’s go longer.

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high shooting

The film “Aremesando Alto” is one of the most recent releases. Netflix, Quickly, the work entered the top 10 out of 92 different countries, including Brazil. The story is about a basketball scout who wants to ward off bad luck by discovering talent in the game.

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Featuring comedy star Adam Sandler, “Shooting High” is perfect for anyone who loves sports plots. It’s a typical storyline of the genre, with people wandering around, but it’s highly capable of entertaining anyone who decides to follow this journey.

player number 1

is available in the catalog hbo maxThis 2018 film is based on a fictional future set in 2045. directed by Steven Spielberg, “Player #1” tackles a world where residents focus their main attention on virtual reality games. When the game’s creator dies, an international treasure hunt begins.

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For fans of video games, this masterpiece is a delight. Plus, the frantic and fast-paced storytelling leads to a good story, and beyond that with rich vision. It’s worth checking out.

in heart rhythm

In case you haven’t seen the Best Picture winner here Oscar 2022, This is the time. “No Rhythm of the Heart” is the story of an only hearing girl from a deaf family. When a passion for music awakens in him, the protagonist suffers while trying to explain it to his parents.

Although it has a dark script and many reflections, “No Rhythm of the Heart” also has moments of break with funny and funny scenes. It is one of those ideal movies to enjoy with family. Available at amazon prime video,

stars beyond time

The synopsis shows three black women who were instrumental in launching astronaut John Glenn into orbit. At a time in history when sexism and racism were even more prevalent in the United States, “Stars Beyond Time” addresses the trajectory of these NASA women.

This feature is from 2016. is in the list of Disney+, is a good choice for those who like plots in which the characters need to prove themselves, overcome obstacles and demonstrate their values. Plus, it’s very inspiring.

Whiplash: In Search of Perfection

To close the list with flourish, the heaviest and most dramatic film of the five. in the catalog of star+, globeplay And on Netflix, “Whiplash: The Pursuit of Perfection” follows a drummer pushed to the limit by a highly sought-after teacher.

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This is not an easy film to watch, as it shows how damaging psychological pressure can be in the artistic world. However, it has excellent performance and a breathtaking plot, so it cannot be left out of recommendations.

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