Democratic leader US Congress should increase ceiling this week

Democratic leader US Congress should increase ceiling this week

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The Democratic Party’s majority leader in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, said in a letter to aides that Congressmen should act to raise the debt limit by the end of the week to avoid any repercussions. However, the Democratic position did not outline a plan to pass the law without Republican votes.

“I’ll make the task before us clear: we need to put a bill on the president’s desk to deal with the debt limit by the end of the week,” Schumer said in the message.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has already said the limit needs to be raised by the 18th, or else the government will have trouble paying its bills.

Schumer did not specify in the letter what procedures he would like to follow to raise the debt limit, but he said Democrats are expected to discuss the matter in a closed-door meeting on Tuesday.

Republicans have blocked efforts to raise the two-party voting limit, arguing that Democrats can only do so with their votes.

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