Description of its incredible screen and new images »ERDC

Description of its incredible screen and new images »ERDC

OnePlus 9 Pro: Description of its incredible screen and new images

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Phone series OnePlus 9 will be officially launched on 23 March. In the family, the most premium It will be oneplus 9 pro. Before your presentation, we have a set Official images of OnePlus 9 Pro, In addition to More specific details of its incredible screen.

New images of OnePlus 9 Pro

CEO of the company, Pete Lau, Has shared a set of images of the OnePlus 9 Pro. First, it was done with the Morning Mist color, and later the same with the Evergreen version.

Speaking of color earlier Morning mist, it’s about the silver variant That we have seen for weeks in the leak and in the first real photos have leaked.

Pete Lau states that the process of achieving this finish on the body glass of the device takes 30 steps and more than 25 days. For this we have a reflective appearance that provides an extremely premium and elegant finish to the terminal.

Later, L color evergreen Not only does the tonality seem to change, but it also Overall Completion of your body.

Although not officially specified in OnePlus’s direct tweet, this color variant in green offers an More “matte” finish, Which will help a lot to avoid fingerprint marks on the terminal.

Features of your screen

Today, the company has shared details about the display specifications of OnePlus 9 Pro 6.7 inch curved AMOLED LTPO display With a resolution 3216 x 1440 pixels (QHD +). Features a special brightness mode that increases Maximum Normal Brightness at 1,043 nits When there is too much light. When the screen is mostly dark, you can also Increase the brightness of some illuminated pixels to 1,655 nits.

Will also offer support 139% sRGB color gamut And a blue light will integrate cut mode. As you might expect, this is certified HDR10 + And provides the ability to work with polarized sunglasses in any orientation.

The most influential feature is the variable refresh rate. This may happen Get off 120Hz to just 1HzThe minimum is much lower than 48Hz, which can cause the Galaxy S21 + screen to fall and the Galaxy S21 Ultra to have a minimum of 10Hz. It is together with “Smart 120Hz” function Reduces overall screen consumption by up to 50%.

the high 360 Hz Touch Sampling Gaming will be available to take advantage of. Other features include depth of color 10 bit, 8192 brightness levels And automatic detection color temperature.

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