Designer sues Capcom for using her photos in Resident Evil and Devil May Cry

Designer processa Capcom por usar suas fotos em Resident Evil e Devil May Cry

A designer accused a game developer capcom Using copyrighted photos to create an atmosphere and even a logo of resident devil 4.

Designer Judy A. Jurassic has filed a US lawsuit alleging that the developer used photos from his book Surface, a collection of 1,200 texture images drawn by him and published in 1996.

According to the artist, the book was created to serve as a visual reference for architects, other artists, and designers. In addition to the printed copy, the volume came with a CD-ROM with images. According to Jurassic, it was necessary to license the images for commercial use.

According to Polygon, the designer identified about 80 images used in a variety of ways and documented them in more than 100 pages. Among the highlights is a picture of shattered glass which, according to him, is present in the logo of RE4:

Much of the evidence gathered by Jurassic was publicly released after Capcom’s massive data leak in November 2020. patched game files, in addition to the personal information of employees of the Company.

Analyzing the files, the designer also identified that some of the filenames matched the names of the photos on the CD-ROM. Surface.

A representative for Capcom said they are “aware of the lawsuit” and have “no further comment” on the matter. The artist’s lawyer also did not give further details about the case.

You can check the process in English, click here.

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