Desur launches security operation at Los Tech

Operativo Altos Mirandinos
Altos Mirandinos Operation
Courtesy – Desur conducts security operations at Los Tech,

The Urban Security Unit (DESUR) of the city of Los Tex in Miranda state assured that the crime rate had dropped.

According to reports, this is the result of patrol work done by his officers. Similarly, officers carry out various preventive actions in the Altos Mirandinos axis.

Among the measures taken are patrolling and security vialEstablishment of control points, and supervision of electrical installations.

petrol duty

Desur’s public security strategies are directed by Brigadier General Félix Arnos Rodriguez, commander of CZGNB-44. Their main objective is to reduce criminal acts in Los Tex.

He explained that in earlier patrol operations, officers retained a lot of cedar wood that had been illegally dropped in the El Cabotez sector of Los Tex.

Similarly, at a checkpoint in the El Paso sector, a motorcycle was confiscated, which showed signs of demolition body work after an inspection carried out by a sentry.

biosafety measures

Among other functions, Desur organized a preventive awareness day on COVID-19 on 20 December.

Preventive measures were taken in the transport units that circulated through the Guayaquipuro municipality.

During the activity, members of the Security Corps, led by Lieutenant Colonel Emily Casanova, verified that users and drivers of public transport wore their masks correctly and observed social distancing.

He also recalled the importance of following biosafety measures to prevent infection. COVID-19,

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