Detective slave can pay US $ 20 bill | Economy

Detective slave can pay US $ 20 bill |  Economy
Fertility / Women in their 20s

Illustration by the “Women in their 20s” campaign with the face of activist Harriet Tubman in 2015

President of the United States o. Joe Biden
Resumed project created by Barack Obama
In 2016, to change the pattern of US $ 20
. Banknote is the most commonly used face in America Harriet Tubman
(1 (22-1813), Andrew Jackson has no place, which is no paper since 192).

Chosen was a rights activist Slave
And the female vote. Born slave, she fought as a spy in the American Civil War, helped free the slaves in the south of the country and helped them cross the north side of the country. She was also the only woman to lead men in battle during the war.

After the conflict ended, he moved to New York, and became a human rights activist, fighting for racial and gender equality.

Trump ignored the project during his 4 years in the White House. A fan of Andrew Jackson, there was a photo of the 7th President of USA hung in the Oval Office during his tenure.

Regarding the Obama project, he even went so far as to say that it was something “purely politically correct” and, in a strange way, suggested that Tubman be depicted on a $ 2 bill, which is now difficult Is broadcast from

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