Developers create method to install Android TV on Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Developers create method to install Android TV on Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Anyone who owns Fire TV Stick 4K has a variety of apps available on the Amazon App Store for gadgets. With this, it is possible to leverage various streaming services through Accessory, such as Prime Video, for example, in addition to other popular platforms such as Netflix and Disney Plus.

However, despite offering a good amount of services, many applications available on the Play Store, for example, are not available for the Amazon gadget, even though it runs an operating system – Fire OS – based on Android.

With this, to offer Amazon’s range of options, the developers of XDA Developers created a custom ROM that takes the Android TV interface to Amazon devices, thus allowing the installation of almost any application in the Google Store is.

However, it is important to note that some services are not available in this custom ROM, such as Google Voice Search or Google Assistant. Nevertheless, it is possible to take advantage of many other interesting functions, such as Alexa’s voice commands. And, most importantly, many apps can be installed on the Play Store, which, in addition to traditional Prime Video, Netflix and Spotify, according to the developers, can be installed in general.

Before completing the process, it is necessary to note that step-by-step is not something that is officially made available by Amazon, so it should be done at the user’s own risk and does not recommend TudoCelular installation If you are not familiar with the subject. Full processes can be viewed neste link (in English).

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For installation, the user must have a Fire TV Stick 4K, an OTG adapter, a FAT 32-formatted USB stick, a TV or monitor, and a keyboard or mouse to navigate between options.

Remember that if you do not want to modify your accessory system, you can also install some apps from the Play Store on Fire Stick Follow the methods on this link. However, not all apps are optimized for the gadget interface

So, do you intend to install Android TV on your Fire TV Stick 4K or are you satisfied with the Amazon interface? Comment with us in the space below.

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