Discover new prison models that cost over R$1 billion; see photos

Discover new prison models that cost over R billion;  see photos

in new prison model In Great Britain, as in the United Kingdom, prisoners would be held in a hotel of sorts. With right to gym, barber shop, sports court and private rooms. Billed as the prison of the future, it would cost £253 million.

In this new prison systemInmates are called residents and will live in separate cells with separate bathrooms. According to site head John McLaughlin, the focus is on rehabilitation of criminals,

“I want a prison that encourages and empowers men to be the best they can be,”

McLaughlin said

Check out the pictures of the luxury prison:

hey justice secretaryDominic Raab agrees that the site could be a starting point for the rehabilitation of men and women.

“If you come to a gym, a place like this with skill education, you’ll get a glimpse into the future of what your life might be like. So it’s up to the criminals to take advantage of this second chance. If they don’t If they do, they lose the profit. That’s what really matters.”

Rahabi said

The new prison will have 1700 male prisoners serious violent offender Small wings too. information is from Sun,

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