Discussing the return of fans at the worst moment of the epidemic is a very energetic thing – Renato Mauricoco

Discussing the return of fans at the worst moment of the epidemic is a very energetic thing – Renato Mauricoco

When the CBF determined, in March last year, the stagnation of football in Brazil, due to the coronavirus virus epidemic, there were fewer than five thousand infected and 165 deaths in the country. Currently, living the worst moment of the disease (has already lost more than 262 thousand lives and has a daily average of close to 2 thousand corpses every 24 hours), the old and violent Breton game continues to be practiced in Brazilian lawns It is as if there is no more tomorrow, believe it or not, there are leaders discussing the return of fans at the stadium.

The Macabre initiative is, of course, part of one of the most inauspicious federations in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, which has been reassigned to the Second Division by two of its four major clubs. The movement, which began with a virtual meeting with doctors from state clubs, features Ferrage as Artifice, president of Rubens Lopes (who laments Carioca for remembering his predecessor, Edua Veyana, Caixa D’Agua Receives) and Flamengo president Rodolfo Landim, the biggest supporter of football’s comeback in August 2020, 90 days after the pause. All Rio’s clubs have already approved the decision. And they plan to put it into practice in the next 14th fla-flu.

In the report of Diogo Dantas at the Globo, defenders of the sinister idea speak of freeing the entry of small groups of fans who have been selected by clubs and who have a positive IgG for coronovirus (theoretically, therefore, first Is immune to). Everything, according to them, so that the protocols of the “Safe Game” are already adjusted when released to the public by the authorities.

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It is not for nothing that Carioquin is named “Me Angana Qiu I Like”. Without any IgG testing, the Federation already allows huge groups of officials and fans (Pegdos and allies) to follow the games in the stadiums, offering us examples of all kinds of bad manners and lack of game fair play Does. What we want now is to expand the range.

And if someone is contaminated (and is about to be contaminated), they become corrupted. “Let us leave freshness and imitation” after strictly following the primer. Poor Brazil.

Kopa cancel for america

Manchester City and Liverpool do not want to release their players to national teams if they have to comply with mandatory 10-day quarantines when returning from countries coming from the UK Red List (Brazil). Others should follow them and the possibility of an epidemic worsening due to this and across the continent is not expected to be determined at the end of this month and early April.

Danilo Lavery’s article, here on UOL, suggested using Copa America dates to move South American qualifier games. It makes perfect sense. In the midst of an epidemic and an insane timetable that is absurd, it is unfair to make this quality slot machine beyond questionable. It is time to launch #cancelemcopaamerica.

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