Displays quantitative responses such as Sony PS5 branded clothing

Displays quantitative responses such as Sony PS5 branded clothing

Sony has announced A new range of PlayStation 5 branded peppers The PS is to be available at the PS Gear store, all for quite a mixed response.

The collection PS5s draws its inspiration from simple color themes – using blues, whites and dark grays. Items for sale include beanie hats, bomb jackets and PlayStation branded backpacks. Meanwhile, a ski suit will cost around $ 350, with the PS5 logo clearly visible.

The tweet announcing the trade drop has already garnered a lot of attention from fans and representatives (about 400 “Xbox is better” tweets), but the responses seem to be more worrying than anything else.

As someone correctly identifies, a backpack is automatically half the price of a console. Prices for games and equipment are set so high this time around, it looks like some of these fans will prefer, say, a hat.

Another concern seems to be the style of the products, with a combination of their streetwear inspiration and – well – console branding. Maybe make this guy especially clear if you want to wear a bomb jacket.

Many fans are also worried that they will get merchants before the actual console, which makes it difficult for them to get their hands on. Sony has already issued an apology over the handling of their ancestors, but is assuring fans that there will be more satisfaction along the way by the end of the year.

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