A new form of confrontation with security forces … with similar equipment

A new form of confrontation with security forces ... with similar equipment
When the Director General of Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad Othman said: In an interview with “Security” magazine last month, That “it is being weakened and harmed by some disgusting people against our institution for doing hateful programming.” They did not announce new levels of confrontation between the security person (and not the institution) and the personality of the society they classify in terms of their influence, and they do not represent. Of course, all segments of Lebanese society.
It is true that there is a deep conflict based on inequality in vision, and a deep legacy of confrontation between the security man and Lebanese citizen representing the state and its reputation, but the problems and reactions on social media recently proved That is a new production of conflict. Different from other contrasts, with a virtual machine.
In the past, a heavy legacy of unruly behavior by security men led to a confrontation with Lebanon. Those who emerge from war only do not recognize the reality of a state, must respect its laws, and obey its law enforcement forces. And they all had a different mindset.

The citizen, accustomed to legal escapism, saw the state as the god of dates whose food is allowed when its laws conflict with the interests of the individual. As a policeman, he found himself in a position of authority, exercising his influence to obtain personal benefits, which were sometimes represented in the permission of bribes, in return for the law of a civil citizen To allow for. A policeman built on the basis of this belief was a stereotype that needed an entire generation to change.

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As those perceptions changed, there was a political problem in the country on both sides about two decades ago, during which the security services were denominated in the memory of the sects. The relationship between a police officer and a policeman as a neutral law enforcement force, which was linked to a relationship of trust with the citizen through power of attorney, social activities and keys, was characterized by political conflict and vertical sect division by an opposing force. The form was disbanded in his portrayal. The issue was not limited to internal security forces, but the region involved various security and military agencies following the escalating conflict.
That picture was later corrected, and was reinforced by a fundamental change in the behavior of security forces, with a focus on training related to dealing with civilians and respecting human rights, before demonstrations The crisis erupted against the backdrop of the garbage file in 2015 and after the 17 October 2019 uprising.
In Harak, the military clashed with the civilian, charges were leveled against the army and some of them were charged with committing crimes in exchange for indiscipline in the peace of movement. The picture was initially snapped, but was largely restored. However, it created a new authority capable of coping with the security man and his actions and excesses, which is the authority of the media, and communication sites, which are able to garner public opinion and create a new stereotype that the security man faces Can do. With the same technique, a fight that damages both sides.

However, the people involved in the fight cannot be security forces, an organization or civilians in general. It appeared that influential people, or those who believed so, clashed with those who were less fortunate than them. We do not find a simple factor that enters into a conflict with a policeman, because it is a conflict that, in form, is not the same. We could not find a lawyer or a journalist who collided with a high ranking officer, because this too is an unequal struggle.

The hard truth is that recent conflicts have class. It appeared in a dispute between a lawyer and a cyclist over Cornish al Mazra. And it was repeated in the middle of Sunday Clara Juha, a policeman and journalist and her lawyer husband.

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And the class, due to the civilian armament of its union status, which is able to mobilize the people of its country against an institution that carries the heavy legacy of strained relations with the Lebanese person in the name of union immunity, Which happened in the lawyers’ sit-in. Palaces of justice today, tuesday. He thinks that this effect will give him the right to break the law, as it appeared Description of Seaman Gallery of Security ForcesAnd using their power to confront those who prevent them from being violated. According to the security version, it appears that the cyclist was fooling the policeman, who made a mistake in replying.

Many of those who could or were active on social media used these crowds to further their personal interest. In similar cases, in addition to the Clara Juha case, or Cornish Al Mazra’s lawyer, the person with influence believes that he will be able to defeat his military rival, so that the traffic jams at the communication sites will lead to the institution’s shaking. Image can be paused. On this basis, many illusory clashes have arisen.

But on the security bank, the situation has changed. Security forces have also followed up on this issue from the media point of view. I published the video to change the prevailing belief and stop the growing trend. The war has become similar, with the equipment used on both sides, but it does not rule out the changes that one of them may have, which has influence, and it is a transition that the judiciary Sets it apart in the course of its authority, regardless of the courts of communication sites.

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