Don’t talk about using WhatsApp GB, remember possible cyber attacks!


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JakartaWhatsapp gb Viral in between Cyberspace Because it has many features that it does not have Whatsapp Original version. But don’t talk about downloading it now, because there is safety considerations Which should be thought carefully.

WhatsApp GB itself is listed as MOD software. Namely, applications that have been modified and modified, but still have a similar appearance to the original application. Read also: Viral WhatsApp GB is more spectacular than the original WhatsApp version

The results of informal third-party development in the MOD application are really attractive. But there are many possible dangers smart Fone Downloader.

What are the weaknesses that can kill your smartphone? Summarized from various sources, here are some of the potential dangers you may experience if you are desperate to download:

1. Lean Virus Risk
MOD applications are often made smart Fone In the end there are lots of viruses. This is due to vulnerabilityCodingIncomplete so that the data is more sensitive to viruses.

Modified applications are also used to modify the original code of the application. Now this gap can also be smuggled by viruses that can harm your smartphone.

The number of viruses in cell phones cannot be attributed to anyone. Because a modified application is made without the downloaded application that made the application.

2. Restricted aka Prohibited
You may be banned from Google by using modified applications or dealing with them. Because this huge search engine has detected the use of illegal applications through data entered with a Google Downloader account.

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