Dispute between Netflix and NBC may save ‘Manifest’ from cancellation

Dispute between Netflix and NBC may save 'Manifest' from cancellation

I’m 2017, a NBC series canceledpremature’ after one season, but withdrew after fans protested the decision.

And the same can happen with ‘manifest‘, recently got canceled after its third season.

According to time limitMILF officers Warner Bros. TV chatting with Netflix Possible return of attraction.

The Reason? The series has garnered high ratings since its first two seasons were added to the list. Netflix in the United States of America.

starring attraction Josh Dallas I Melissa Roxburgh was included in Netflix in the same week of cancellation, almost a month ago, and it continues top 10 platform since

In addition, the campaign #savemanifest Gaining more and more followers on the social network.

Initially, to Netflix The series had refused to be saved, but is now extremely interested in the proposal, including the owners of NBC Will regret canceling them.

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Because of this, the network also intends to join the fight to produce new episodes.

the author ofManifest’, Jeff Rake, through his Twitter profile, has been keeping fans abreast of the developments of the situation conversation.

From July 12, they started sharing messages talking about the strong performance of the series. Netflix And suggesting a ‘renewal case’, repeatedly asking fans to keep the faith.

yesterday, jelly Wrote a mysterious publication with the following words:

“There’s a lot of speculation. No comment. Also, if the impossible becomes possible and the dead are raised to life, it’s because of you. #SaveManifest.”

Check it out with redemption requests on social networks:

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“The literal meaning of ‘manifest’ is #1.”

“Manifest” has been the most popular series on Netflix for over a month. The series isn’t in the UK catalog, or will even top here. How much more evidence is needed to save that?

“Manifest” is still the most-watched series on Netflix. It’s proof that Jeff Rake, cast and crew made an amazing series.”

“Please Netflix, don’t let us down. ‘Manifest’ has been the most popular production in their catalog for almost a month! Save the series!”

Remember the first two seasons are available globeplay!

created by Jeff Rake (‘Laura’s Secret‘), the series is inspired by the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in 2014.

In the plot, Flight 828 disappears from radar and returns five years later, when it was already believed to be lost at the bottom of the ocean. Time did not pass for the passengers on board, while for their families it was the worst years of their lives. The series will follow the personal lives of these travelers as well as the mystery around them.

is cast Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, athena karkaniso, JR Ramirez, Luna Blaze, Jack Messina I Parveen Kaur.

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