Doctor recommends Netflix to patient for headache relief

Doctor recommends Netflix to patient for headache relief

A different treatment, of course. when you go to the doctor United KingdomA 46-year-old woman was prescribed”relax and watch netflix“To relieve headache.

However, the problem is that Lisa Thomas finds out she has a aggressive brain tumor, She lives in Winchester, a city in the south of England.

On check-up at another office, she was found to have glioblastoma multiforme. The prognosis was typical for a one-year case, According to the British newspaper The Sun,

“After that, I couldn’t watch my two kids without crying, imagining they were growing up without me.”

, Lisa Thomas, in an interview with The Sun newspaper

Lisa told the portal that at the end of 2016 she began to feel dizzy, causing her to faint. Symptoms were attributed to fatigue and sinusitis.

However, in May 2017, she woke up with extreme headaches. Fearing the worst, she was taken by ambulance to the Royal Hampshire County Hospital.

It was there that he received his first diagnosis and the doctor prescribed television and some antibiotics.

“The doctor told me it was nothing serious and that I should go home, rest and watch Netflix to help me relax. When I got to the hospital, I felt treated like a waste of time. The staff was quite dismissive.” told the sun,

In disbelief, she then left for the UK’s private healthcare network, where she eventually found a correct diagnosis.

Glioblastoma multiforme is a rare type of brain cancer that occurs more frequently in people who have previously been exposed to ionizing radiation. Only 5% of patients diagnosed with this type of tumor survive beyond five years.

Lisa works at air traffic control at an airport in the area.

Fifteen days after diagnosis in the private network, she had surgery to remove the tumor at Southampton General Hospital.

She underwent eight weeks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, with exams every three months to monitor treatment development.

Five years later, Lisa gets scans only twice a year. “I wanted to wait until five years had passed. [da doença] to share my story. I want to help provide hope to at least one other person at a time when they really need it. , reported to the newspaper,

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