7 Curiosities About La Casa de Papelle

7 Curiosities About La Casa de Papelle

In December this year, the second part of the fifth and final season of Netflix debuted the money heist. The Spanish series aired in 2017, telling the story of a group of thieves who put into practice well-crafted plans by the professor (अलlvaro Morte), including an attack on the mint and then the Bank of Spain.

the money heist made its mark on Netflix with certain features, such as Salvador Dali’s famous red uniforms and masks, characters named after countries such as Tokyo, Berlin and Nairobi; The iconic dialogue and phrases, among many other features, helped make it one of the world’s most beloved series. And with the show coming to an end, we are already in nostalgia mood and of course, bidding farewell to our favorite TV thieves.

Thinking about it, while the day hasn’t come to say goodbye to the series, canaltec Listed seven fun facts about the Netflix series, cast and production. check out!

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7. Dynamic Script

Most movies and series are written before shooting begins, but with the money heist It was not like that at all. During the production of the series, the script was written while filming was still underway, with writers adapting the direction as the story progressed.

6. Teacher Audition

lvaro Morte seems to be the perfect actor for the character Professor, but getting that role was not that easy. The actor had to go through five auditions in two months before getting the job, as there were still doubts whether he would fit into the character the way he expected.

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5. Almost Canceled

first season of the money heist Aired in May 2017 on the Spanish channel Antennas 3. Despite the success of the first episode, ratings on the episode were dropped significantly, leading to the creation of the plot and leading the cast to believe that the series would not stand for a new season. Cancelled. However, Netflix quietly acquired the plot, which has become one of the most popular series on the streaming platform so far.

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4. Seven Countries, 300 Seats

. full first season the money heist Recorded in Madrid, Spain, but the following episodes took place at 300 locations in six other countries: Denmark, Italy, Panama, Portugal, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

3. Overall

During all 5 seasons, the characters of the money heist He wore over 600 of those distinctive red jumpsuits. Carlos Diaz, the series’ costume designer, says that dressing up the cast, even if they were of similar clothing, was not at all tedious. “Creating the wardrobe for La Casa de Papel is an enriching experience, as each character is very different from the other”, says the professional. He added, “It has been a huge challenge to dress up all the characters individually and again as a group in that iconic red jumpsuit.”

2. Another name

even before the chain is called the money heistThe idea of ​​the creators was to name it Los Desahucidos, which in Portuguese means Os Espejados. Fortunately, he found that “Paper House” makes a lot more sense to the story.

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1. Fake Money

the money heist From beginning to end, there is a series about stealing money. Therefore, it was necessary to produce a lot of counterfeit notes and gold bars for all five seasons of the plot. In numbers, production called for the manufacture of less than 6,000 counterfeit gold bars, in addition to one million counterfeit 50-euro notes.

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