Doctor says children in the US can be vaccinated from Pfizer before the end of the year

Doctor says children in the US can be vaccinated from Pfizer before the end of the year

Pfizer’s announcement that its Covid-19 vaccine is safe for children ages 5 to 11 should accelerate the release of the immunizing agent for the age group in the United States, says physician Cristiano Zerbini, who is the clinical researcher of the vaccine. Coordinate testing. Medicine in Brazil.

in an interview with CNN, Zarbini talks about the results of the Pfizer phase 2 study released this Monday (20). Although the data has not yet been peer-reviewed, the company plans to soon request the US regulatory agency, the FDA, for emergency use of vaccinations for children.

Experts say, “In the US, there have been more than 240,000 cases of Kovid-19 in children.” “We really have to vaccinate this age group and with good outcome data, both in terms of efficacy and safety, we can already plan, perhaps, for a shorter future that we vaccinate children as well. can”.

According to the doctor, in addition to providing protection for parents and education professionals, immunization of children and adolescents will bring more protection to return to the classroom. “What we have to do is vaccinate. If we really want to fight COVID-19, we have to vaccinate. Vaccines are great antibodies for this disease”, says Zarbini.

For the expert, it’s possible that the FDA will authorize the Pfizer vaccine for children in 2021. “I think it will be taken to the FDA quickly and we will have a license to use it before the end of the year. vaccine in children, [nos Estados Unidos]”

In addition to vaccinating young people, Cristiano Zerbini also reinforced the importance of vaccinating the elderly, both groups that, according to him, need more attention in this time of pandemic.

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“We need to reduce the circulation of the virus. We need to stop the spread of the disease so that new forms do not emerge”, he warned.

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