Does Dark Mode Really Save Your Phone Battery Know The Truth | Does using dark mode really save battery? know the truth

Does Dark Mode Really Save Your Phone Battery Know The Truth |  Does using dark mode really save battery?  know the truth

Do you think using dark mode saves battery? But this is not completely true. A new study has revealed some startling facts about this. Having said that dark mode is a big battery saver, the smartphone ecosystem is fast adopting it. Be it Android or iOS, in recent times there are more and more apps that give a choice to the users. However, a new study has questioned the use of dark mode as an effective way to save battery. In a new study, a team of scientists from Purdue University has developed a new technique to investigate the effects of dark mode on smartphone batteries. This will now help in effectively monitoring battery drain caused by light colors on the screen as compared to dark mode.

How Much Battery Can Dark Mode Save?

Surprisingly, the findings of this study suggest that dark mode is unlikely to have a significant impact on smartphone battery life. This is because, although the dark mode uses less battery than the normal light color theme, the difference is not significant considering “the way most people use the phone every day”. Talking about the statistics, the dark mode on OLED smartphones can save only 3 to 9 percent more power than the normal mode. However, this discovery is made when the brightness of the phone is from 30 to 50 percent.

According to a new study, the benefits of this battery can be enormous if the phone’s display is 100 percent brightness. Running the smartphone in dark mode can save about 39 to 47 percent of the battery at maximum brightness. Hence, it has been found that dark mode can significantly save battery life in extreme brightness.

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dark mode modification

To study dark mode, scientists at Purdue University tested the six most downloaded apps — Google Play, Google News, Google Phone, Google Calendar, YouTube, and Calculator. Apps were tested in dark mode for 60 seconds of activity on smartphones, including the Pixel 2, Moto Z3, Pixel 4 and Pixel 5.

Meanwhile, although the tests were conducted on Android apps and phones, the scientists say the findings are likely to be suitable for iPhones with OLED screens. This time the team created a new power modeling technique to test that is now awaiting patent.

This new technology is claimed to be able to determine the power draw of OLED phone displays more accurately than the existing technology. That’s because this new technology measures the effects of dark mode on battery life

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First published on August 3, 2021 at 11:38 am

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