Dollar drops on optimism day abroad Economy

Dollar drops on optimism day abroad  Economy

Between the positive day in foreign markets and the definitions of the new presidents of the Brazilian Chamber and Senate on Monday night, the dollar is trending downward on Tuesday (2).

At 10:57 am, the dollar was sold down 1.11% at R $ 5.3884. View more quotes.

On Monday, the currency declined 0.40% to R $ 5.4488, a 5.04% increase over the year.

Abroad, the day is one of optimism in the markets, amid hopes of more stimulus for the United States economy. Investors were awaiting talks on Tuesday between US President Joe Biden and Republican senators over the new support bill in response to Kovid-19.

Earlier, Eurostat, the official European statistics agency, reported that eurozone GDP fell lower than expected in the fourth quarter of 2020 (0.7%), and the block ended the year with a contraction of 6.8%.

Around here, the markets evaluate the results of elections for the command of the Chamber and Senate, which led to the presidency of the two affiliated houses of President Jair Bolsonaro, creating prospects for the reform agenda to resume.

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