Chicago gives America free Lollapalooza tickets to vaccinations

Chicago gives America free Lollapalooza tickets to vaccinations

From the list of gifts that governments give us America Offering citizens to get vaccinated for Kovid-19, the latest offer has come Chicago: The main city government of Illinois has announced that it will provide hundreds of tickets to concerts to vaccinated people Lollapalooza. The festival will include names like Miley Cyrus I Foo Fighters.

The action is part of a larger Chicago City program, Preserve the Chicago Music Series, which is offering free tickets to vaccinations for a range of concerts.

In the case of Lollapalooza, 1,000 tickets will be offered for the entire day, which will run for four days in Chicago between July 29 and August 1. Tickets will be distributed at specific vaccination sites, which will have a special visual identity on certain days, with the Lollapalooza logo and a DJ at the vaccination station.

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