Donald Trump Calls Investing In Cryptocurrency “An Expected Disaster”

Donald Trump Calls Investing In Cryptocurrency "An Expected Disaster"

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a “potential potential disaster”. This opinion was expressed by former US President Donald Trump in an interview given to the TV channel. Fox Business.

Trump said he was never a “huge fan of cryptocurrency” and did not buy bitcoin or other digital assets.

“I love the currency of the United States,” he told host Stuart Varney.

According to Trump, investing in digital assets hurts the dollar.

“We must invest in our currency,” he insisted.

Cryptocurrency “could be fake,” the former president said.

“Who knows what they are, but it’s definitely something people don’t know much about,” Trump said.

In June, he told Varney that The First Cryptocurrency “Looks Like a Scam”And the excitement around that weakens the dollar.

Remember Trump for the first time spoke out About bitcoin in July 2019. Then he said that the value of the asset is extremely volatile and, in general, does not support anything.

John Bolton, a former adviser to the former president on national security, wrote in his memoirs that Trump returned in May 2018. Talked about his dislike for cryptocurrencies.

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