Don’t jeopardize my comfort

Não ameace meu conforto

one of the interesting aspects of attack on ukraine was relatively lax response from western governments, There was a lot of rhetoric and a lot of danger, but what came out in terms of retaliation was almost negligible compared to the gift. Russia,

Retribution that would affect oil, gas, fertilizer and grain was abandoned. And even when they should reach the financial sector, Europe rushes to veto Russia’s exclusion from global payments networkSwift system.

Europeans did not accept the lack of gas and food supplies such as wheat and sunflowers.

There was already a lack of political will to leave the comfort zone in Europe in managing the energy transition.

There is a firm decision to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy, For this, the governments are accelerating the removal of vehicles from circulation. petrol And dieselbut when more Lightning With these goals turned toward, no one was willing to reduce kilowatt consumption in heating or cooling. Burning more fuel oil or natural gas is demanded in the name of maintaining economic growth and employment, but the main reason is to ensure convenience. Therefore, decarbonization targets are being postponed for as long as possible.

This position recalls a post by the Roman Juvenal (1st century after Christ). Sarcasm: “It was not the weapons that defeated us; It was the pleasure of luxury” (free translation).

It can be argued that there are other reasons for the occurrence of force which have led the Western authorities to practically tolerate Russia’s aggression. among them there is little desire of the government we get into new trouble after annoyance VietnamFeather Iraq no more Afghanistan,

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Be that as it may, this apparent fragility of the West is likely to have geopolitical consequences, which analysts can now examine.

One of them recalls the moment when the Roman Empire did not have the same temperament to face threats from the Huns, Visigoths, Parthians and Tartars. a more or less clear path that the Russians found Ukraine suggests that they would also have to be discovered in other regions that were part of the Tsar’s empire. The Chinese may also find new incentives to move forward on the premises of new silk roadwhich will expand Africa and for Latin America Or the imposition of new digital technologies…

*Celso Ming is an economy commentator

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