Doria apologizes for visit to Miami after SP is in red: ‘Sad and unfortunate coincidence’

Doria apologizes for visit to Miami after SP is in red: 'Sad and unfortunate coincidence'


Bahia reinstated Ramirez after club-appointed expertise to reject racism

SAO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – Bahia announced on Thursday (23) that she would reinstate player Juan Ramirez accused of racial injury. The decision was made public in a comprehensive letter in which the club tackles racism in society and football and pledges to take practical measures to combat it. On Sunday (20), the Colombian was condemned by Flamengo’s Gorson for calling him “shut up, black” during a duel between the teams. The Northeast team had removed the athlete by the end of its internal investigation. The STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice) is still analyzing the case, as well as the Rio de Janeiro racial crime Precinct, in which Gerson testified last Tuesday (22). “Reports of foreign language examinations contracted by Bahia do not prove racial injury and the club understands that even while giving relevance to the victim’s narrative, he should not have a potential difference in distance and communication between athlete Índio Ramirez for lack of evidence. Various Negotiator of languages, ”says Bahian Club. A report by lip reading experts hired by the Bahian club, however, concluded based on images of the match, that Ramirez did not utter the word “negro”. The Bahian team’s investigation faces Rodrigo Abranches, Flamengo’s legal vice president, who said he has an expert report that would prove to be a racial injury against another club athlete, striker Bruno Heinrich. The latter, through his staff, stated that he had not heard the crime from Ramirez. At the request of, experts identified the racial injury. Titled “Letter to Society”, Bahia undertakes to include an anti-racism, xenophobia and homophobia clause in athletes’ contracts, in addition to the creation of anti-discrimination protocols in Brazilian football and an awareness program on structural racism. With other measures, also towards the players. The club also said that the decision was taken jointly with the Center for Affirmative Action, a department focused on social work and the black movement and dialogue with others. For the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, the president of Bahia, Guilherme Belintani, said he had no doubt that Gerson had heard the word “negro”, but if Ramirez said. He also said that he had seen pictures of the game and if the injury proves, it would be a blight on the club’s history.

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