Downton Abbey: Find out why you should watch this movie on Netflix (even if you haven’t seen the series)

Downton Abbey: Find out why you should watch this movie on Netflix (even if you haven't seen the series)

It’s impossible to talk about a UK-made period drama without quotes ,Downton Abbey, TV series that was shown by the channel ITV whose major success during the early part of the last decade enabled Sequel guaranteed in theatersLaunched in 2019. It is in this context that ,Dautn AB: The Movie, has attracted the attention of a large portion of the customers of Netflix.

The film, which takes place during the year 1927, shows what happens when a family of british aristocrats Receive the news that they will host the royal family in their land. The film, then, unfolds in relation to this royal visit and on showing how the relationship between the characters developed during this period. Check Out Some Reasons Why You List of must check movies Netflix:

it is an independent film

Despite continuing the history of the series, the film maintains itself as an individual production (Image: Promotions/Universal)

The first point worth highlighting here is that despite being presented as a continuation of the award-winning series, the feature ,Dautn AB: The Movie, Works well as an independent production, It was to be expected that, when starting production of this size, universal It’s annoying to cross over to the widest possible audience, and in that sense, the film manages to succeed. stand in person,

Much of this is due to manufacturers’ concern. Introducing Viewers to the Series’ Universe in an everyday and simple manner, which guarantees that with a few minutes of exposition the public is already immersed in the universe Downton. The film is also able to give a long, bleaching base to the next subjects. air of grandeur enough to hold Fans of good period dramas.

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Excellence in Period Drama

Downton Abbey
The film maintains the refinement and excellence standards of the original series (Picture: Press Release / Universal).

Although work great as an independent film, it’s impossible to talk about the title. ,Downton Abbey, this is a charm of excellence When it comes to period drama. The series in question has already won the main categories of Golden Globe And Emmy Awards, Awards that recognize their international merit even when dealing with British production.

Of course, all this mastery was inherited by the film that continues the series at various points. All the refinements to the sets and costumes gain even more prominence in the production, and the always provocative writing. Julian Fellow – The creators and writers of the series – also ensure that the drama invests in striking twists and even Certain courage, compared to the previous product.

Stunning plot

The Crowley family receives the King and Queen of England on film (Picture: Press Release / Universal).

As mentioned earlier, the author Julian Fellowes is back in the universe downton as the film’s screenwriter, and with it, he manages to cement a bond that had until then been approached as the background of the series: the relationship between Crowley And this british royal familywhose members will be allowed to live in the infamous Buddhist Monastery inside England.

Convenience, then, invests in showing as family members, residence staff and villagers Prepare to receive a tour from the royal family. Of course, with that, all the elements of the film get an air of grandeur in relation to the series, and royalty-like mastery is portrayed as a promise to please all those who enjoy Historically correct period plays.

British artist of the first class

The film’s cast includes multiple award-winning British dramatic stars (Image: Publicity/Universal).

One more thing worth noting regarding the production of ,Downton Abbey: The Movie” It’s the fact that the production can be met with big promising stars from British artists. As in the series, many of the winning actors participate in the team behind the film, including the award-winning actress. Michelle Dockery (in defense of Jacob; nonstop), Hugh Bonevil (A Place Called Notting Hill; To Olivia), Imelda Staunton (Harry Potter; The Crown) and Maggie Smith (Harry Potter; The Secret Garden).

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Sequel coming soon in theaters

Downton Abbey
The sequel to “Downton Abbey: The Movie” opens in Brazilian cinemas in 2 weeks (Image: Disclosure/Universal).

In addition to all the points listed above, one of the reasons for your viewing ,Dautn AB: The Movie ” In the catalog Netflix Sequel that feature will win in theaters, scheduled to premiere in two weeks, on the day 28 April (Thursday).

long title ,Downton Abbey 2: A New Era, Will show what happens to the family Crawley When two unexpected events knock on their door: the revelation that purple, Dodger Countess, it is heiress of a village in the south of france more facts My accepted that the residence becomes one location for a movie Hollywood. watch now trailer of film:


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