Durov said about immersion in the Middle Ages while using the iPhone

Durov said about immersion in the Middle Ages while using the iPhone

The founder of Telegram forced digital slaves to iPhone users, and also commented on a NYT article claiming that Apple has tied up with Chinese authorities to develop businesses in the country.

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Apple sells “old hardware at inflated prices” to customers stuck in its ecosystem, said Telegram founder Pavel Durov.

“Every time I have to use my iPhone to test my iOS app, I feel like I’m thrown back into the Middle Ages.” wrote He is on his Telegram channel.

According to Durov, the 60Hz iPhone display cannot compete with modern Android 120Hz displays that support smooth animation.

However, “the worst part of Apple technology is not heavy equipment or older equipment,” the businessman continued. In his opinion, owning an iPhone makes people digital slaves to Apple, because of the applications they are allowed to use only those that Apple “allows you to install through your App Store”, And for data backup – iCloud only.

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