Early defeat of F365: Crystal Palace and lack of desire to attack

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Published Date: Sunday 18 October 2020 5:01

That they were too far away from it, and if Hole Ward didn’t look at the 90th minute long ball slowly towards his left foot and think ‘Ah, it looks like a job for my trusted right boot’, no. Should be. There is an almost complete absence of the urge to attack Crystal Palace In a 1-1 draw Against Brighton, who have lost three of their first four games this season.

The visitor was better off as long as the Palace was assigned to the opening goal of a moment of quality attack when he was in the race for Anders T sessend and whipping the cross from the right, which was Tariq Lampte. There was a slight flaw in the judgment by. Michi Batshuai was found guilty and was beaten very, very gently, and a referee decided that he had to pay a fine.

Undoubtedly, this was one of the decisions that existed in the vast area of ​​Schrodinger’s penalty that would never be reversed by VR, but would not be overturned by it.

The goal shook Brighton from their starting rhythm, and took them back to the second half to bring it back. Yet it would be wrong to suggest that it helped kick the palace. He didn’t manage a single attempt on goal before the penalty, and there was no more after that.

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Whatever your views on the properties of XG, you have to accept that there is quite a lot in the house, literally 0.0 (+ 1 pen) against a domestic opponent.

It wasn’t a good game, and for the most part the story sounded like Brighton failing to turn their territory, occupations and countless possibilities into a single outcome.

Instead, while Brighton may still feel they deserved too little, too little, the Palace will now ask itself if they really gave themselves the best chance.

Yes, this is a palace team that has been formed before it was difficult to beat; But one way to have a hard time is to score goals. It can really help. Brighton, for all their cleanliness and cleanliness, are not the team that should be able to beat a Premier League opponent to this extent.

That’s not to say that there was nothing to recommend before the late second half equalizer and the most meaningless two-footer in the history of Lewis Dunk’s record. There was a scuffle between Lampte and Tyrick Mitchell that would have earned him extra bookings if he hadn’t already got one. Instead, it was a tough ticket-off on all sides. Fortunately, everyone agreed that this was a time when we wanted common sense rather than uniformity, and so there was no controversy.

There was a time when the corner flag kept the ball in play, which is always exciting, and the clock lasts up to 100 minutes due to the extremes of the sting. Some of the most important moments in football are to reward those who really tell the game while simple people look for such unholy rent as a “possibility” or “goal”.

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Second, there was no attempt to clear Missy Batshua early in the second half. First, because it was great to see Crystal Palace try another attack, even though the Belgian’s penalty was still in vain, it wasn’t enough for them to think about making another attempt for the remaining 40 minutes.

But more importantly, it was the high / low point in the fake crowd noise that has been the biggest thing about coveted football and is still unfaithful to a large number of neutral hotheads.

As Batsuai’s end flared up on the roof of the trap and behind it, the ‘Miss Nearby’ button was initially pressed. It was a great distraction from how traditional live mobs view the game, with half the fake mob thinking it didn’t go inside. As the ‘Celebrate the Goal’ button was pushed, the upside flag went up. The knowledgeable fake mob pushed the game forward.

Fortunately for all, any controversy was averted once again, as Batsuya in the set-square of Stockley Park was shown bad enough to cross the invisible and movable yet powerful barrier between the controversial and interesting, and we all Brighton. Made and watched watching. Opportunity after opportunity is right until they did.

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