easy! “Ice machine” can reverse thawing of polar ice caps

easy!  "Ice machine" can reverse thawing of polar ice caps

After Centuries of practicing harmful attitudes For the planet, man wants to harmonize himself with the environment by looking for techniques that allow it to reverse the harm it causes. Global warming, Which threatens the spread of endangered species.

With this, the most recent innovation is a revolutionary machine powered by renewable energy that allows Refill of North Pole glaciers, In such a way that promotes the survival of the organisms living there – orcas, penguins and polar bears are examples, the latter being considered a susceptible species.

Nicknamed the “Re-Ewing Machine”, the machine was developed by a group of students from Bangor University, Wales, and attracted the attention of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which was expected to send a prototype for testing Is on small glaciers of Canada.

Will work through the “ice machine” Water pumps that will inject liquid under the ice lid, Where the temperature reaches an incredible -50ºC, much lower than the freezing point of water. Thus, the amount of polar caps will increase again, thereby protecting the species.

According to the expectations of university students, the machine can be maintained as the property of Inuit people living in the Arctic Circle, who regularly operate and move the tool to new areas, in exchange for carbon credits which companies Can be negotiated with.

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