Eduardo Saverin surpasses Lemon to become world’s richest Brazilian

Eduardo Saverin surpasses Lemon to become world's richest Brazilian

co-founder of FacebookAccording to Forbes magazine’s ranking of billionaires, Eduardo Saverin ousted investor Jorge Paulo Lehman and became the richest Brazilian in the world today. Saverin, who was Mark Zuckerberg’s classmate at the university, has an estimated fortune of $19.5 billion – or R$99.22 billion at current prices.

Eduardo Saverin was born in So Paulo in 1982, but moved to the United States ten years later in 1992. He studied at Harvard University in 2004, the year he, Zuckerberg, and three other friends founded Facebook. Much of his fortune comes from his involvement in the company.

In 2016, Saverin launched the B Capital Venture Fund with The Economist. rule Ganguly, is not listed in the Forbes ranking. The fund invests in advanced-stage technology companies based in Asia, Europe and the Americas, and has raised US$766 million (R$3.9 billion) since its inception.

Some time ago, in 2012, Saverin renounced US citizenship, and now lives in Singapore. Last year, he had occupied the fourth position in the ranking of the richest people in the Asian country. At the same time, the co-founder of Facebook is ranked 95th in the global list.

Jorge Paulo Lemon is now the second richest Brazilian in the world, surpassing Saverin, with an estimated net worth of US$19.4 billion (R$98.70 billion). Like the entrepreneur, the investor also attended Harvard.

The difference is in age: while Severin is 39, Lemon is 81 – more than double that.

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