Egypt reveals the truth about halting Duba nuclear plant project – Arab and World – Arab World

Egypt reveals the truth about halting Duba nuclear plant project – Arab and World – Arab World

The Media Center of the Egyptian Cabinet revealed the fact that the implementation of the Daba nuclear plant project was suspended.

Today, through its official account on Facebook, the media center said it had contacted the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy, which had denied the authenticity of news circulated on certain newspapers, websites and social media platforms.

The Ministry confirmed that the project will continue to operate normally without interruption, noting that it is one of the most important major projects to generate electricity from nuclear power, combining the latest international technologies and the highest levels of safety. Is.

He said that the project consists of 4 nuclear reactors with a total capacity of 4800 MW, in which third generation reactors have been developed. “Gen+3” Which is the latest in modern nuclear technology.

He said that all licensing documents and documents required from the Atomic Power Plant Authority have been handed over to the Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority in order to obtain “construction permits” for the first and second units of the plant, to ensure safe and reliable operation. Can you of nuclear facilities in the future.

And it said production of long-term equipment for the first Egyptian nuclear power plant in Russia was started at the “Tigmash” plant located in the city during a visit by an Egyptian delegation led by the Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy. Syzran, which has one of the largest facilities for manufacturing equipment in Russia, was awarded the second best project in terms of start-up in the world, noting that the plant project was received by Al-Daba Nuclear ..

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The ministry called upon various media outlets and social media users to check accuracy and fairness in publishing news and communicate with the concerned authorities before publishing such information which is not based on facts and misleads public opinion. .


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