Eight years later, US government confirms: An interstellar object has crashed to Earth

O Oumuamua era o único objeto interestelar que fora identificado no Sistema Solar

On 8 January 2014, an interstellar object crashed into Earth in the Pacific Ocean. The historic achievement was once rumored to have been scrutinized by scientists, but was eventually confirmed by the Pentagon, the US military high command, in an official memo.

The first classified Space Command report recorded a fireball off the coast of Papua New Guinea. According to records, the impact is likely to scatter other debris in the area.

The impact marks the first fall of an object from outside the solar system on the planet. Retrospectively, it is also the first object of its kind to pass through our planetary system. Very registered Oumuamua . beforeSeen at the end of 2017.

The object was about 0.45 m and traveled the planet at 210,000 km/h. The hypothesis that the impact was caused by an interstellar object is not new, and had already been investigated by two Harvard researchers – who published an article About the prospect in 2019

“One thing I’m going to look at (…) is whether it’s possible to scrape the ocean floor off the coast of Papua New Guinea and see if we can find a piece of [do objeto]Amir Siraj, a Harvard researcher and one of the study’s authors, said in an interview with Vice.

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Despite his hope, he acknowledges that looking for tiny bits of rocky material on the ocean floor is not the easiest thing to do.

The study by Siraj and his advisor, Avi Loeb, has not yet been scientifically reviewed because the discovery was shrouded in bureaucracy and secrecy at the highest levels of the US Defense Department.

With tweets confirming the discovery, the way is open for both the papers to be reviewed.

In turn, Avi Loeb should go further in the study of these types of objects. He is a UFO researcher at the university and has said that aliens visited our solar system at Oumuamua. Remember the announcement details below!

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