Elden Ring: Lords and Queens to become 100 players in Britain

Imagem de: Elden Ring: 100 jogadores se tornarão Lordes e Damas no Reino Unido

Whenever a new game is released, developers look for different ways to promote their titles, and with it elden ring Things were no different. In the UK, for example, 100 lucky players will be lucky enough to officially become Lords and Queens,

There, Bandai Namco will work closely with Highland Titles to execute this action, which would include sending a certificate of declaration of the title of nobility, It won’t get those selectors to meet with the queen or the like, but it might give you some light perks.

Highland Titles commented, “Our customers share stories of everything from getting better seats on flights to preferential treatment.” Another interesting thing is that The winners of this action receive a “piece of land as a souvenir”. In Highland Titles Nature Reserve, Scotland (which are sold for between US$45 and US$225 on the company’s official website). However, they can only be used to promote environmental protection projects.

Of course, it is worth remembering that this promotion Applies to UK residents only, and will run from February 25 to March 11. In order to participate, interested parties should contact the European Division of Banda Namco to see why they deserve these titles.

elden ring Will release on February 25th, and you can already check out the team’s opinion voxel Click here

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