Elder Scrolls Online announced Blackwood with a release date and a comeback with NPC

Elder Scrolls Online announced Blackwood with a release date and a comeback with NPC

The narrative arc for 2021 will be the Gates of Oblivion, which will begin with flames.

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People who follow the news Sheikh scroll online They will know Zenimax y bethesda They have their sights Another tale of anonymityWhich will be expanded by 2021 with some expansion DLC Quarterly In the usual popular paragraphs. As shown in a recent live session, this year’s Master Class Black wood. We already know its first description.

Primarily, its managers announced that the expansion would be available on PC on June 1, while console users would have to wait another week, until June 8, for them to be able to play. This would include approx 30 hours The main one, of course, is supplemented by side missions and several improvements. However, before delaying Blackwood’s adventures, we have Another history is pending.

Prince Didra Mehronze Dagan will be the main villain Flame of ambition This is a small DLC that will unlock this story through a new dungeon: on PC and Stadia on March 8, followed by PlayStation and Xbox on March 16. In the future, we will have more information about this For other download Same size as this name: In the absence of a name, we know that it will come at the end of the year and it will be the height of the subject that interests us at the moment.

How does it all fit together? Essentially, the Gates of Oblivion encourages players to keep track Principal Dederico Mehrons Dagon, A name that will be familiar to most veteran fans of the series as it serves as the villain in TES IV: Oblivion… only that the event took place 800 years ago. The flames of the ambition will give us the first clue about this character, and then Blackwood will fully involve us in the investigation. The next DLC will be set in the deadlands of our rival’s world, but it is too soon to tell what happens there.

In summer, The Elders Scrolls will welcome online Combining non-playing characters We saw in the main episode: Do you use them as mules or squares, they have made a great sum for the copper land. At 3DGames, we had the opportunity to meet the director of Blackwood to learn more about these characters and their roles – you’ll soon be able to read these findings. In addition, ZeniMax has also predicted the arrival of a device New Experience (Rockgrove)New World events (Oblivion Gates) and loot packages that we expect in every detail.

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