Elderly people strengthen themselves and Manaus becomes a new ‘partner’ in the technology epidemic. Critic | Amazon – Amazon

Elderly people strengthen themselves and Manaus becomes a new 'partner' in the technology epidemic.  Critic |  Amazon - Amazon

To reduce the distance between children and grandchildren, due to the new coronovirus epidemic, people who are in social isolation can use their devices to kill, interact, play, and even watch movies. Use

The elderly are increasingly surrendering to technologies. Access to social networks and other communication means has intensified due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, as it was necessary to maintain the required distance. For the elderly, cell phones have become indispensable to kill the craving for work at home or for distant children and grandchildren.

At the beginning of the epidemic, the university professor, Anízio de Araújo, 66, changed the routine. They had to adapt to distance education and use videoconferencing equipment, which was not necessary before.

“I have been at home since March 17, developing activities using technology. We had to adapt and use Zoom and even WhatsApp to pass on the content. It is through this application that I take most classes.

Pastor, Ivana Lima Cavalante, 61 years old, arrives to distribute 300 messages of support a day to those in need of spiritual assistance. It is through WhatsApp that she spreads messages of hope, why she cannot travel to hospitals to take action. Through the Internet, it serves people from other parts of Brazil and even other countries such as Germany, the United States, Switzerland and Spain.

“It is not easy to be locked up indoors. What is happening to me is that I was calling from Brazil and abroad and asking for my help. I work 24 hours on Facebook and WhatsApp to send messages of hope, as many of these people went almost insane due to the epidemic. With technology, I got to places I had not even thought to reach.

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In addition to serving for work, she comments that cell phones are essential for banking transactions and as such she is able to safely buy groceries for the home. “I have started using PIX. This is very practical, you save time, you don’t have to stay inside the bank. I am happy that today, through technology, I can access my bank account anywhere ”, she says, who currently live alone.

Longing for grandson

The 71-year-old retired academician, Maria Amazonia Cavalcante, known as “Zoka”, makes video calls to contact the two grandchildren. She lives with her husband, both maintaining social isolation and away from relatives.

“I am very attached to my grandson, to spend weekends with me, to sleep with me, and suddenly it came and brutally tore us apart. And then, as I am in isolation and this has made my head Shook a lot because I was lonely ”, he said.

“I manage to recall my grandson to my video call. We have also seen films together. They see there and I here and then we talk about the film ”, mocked the elderly woman.

Her intention is to learn to play with her grandchildren on the Internet. “With my grandson, he plays video games, my mission now is to learn the game to play with him. He sent me a manual, I’m reading it and we’ll see what will happen “. For homesickness, he pointed out that the Internet can help, however, it does not replace physical presence. “It’s great, but it’s not the same in person.” We really hug, ”he concluded.

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