Election D.C. As we get closer, some D.C.

Election D.C.  As we get closer, some D.C.

Some D.C. Businesses are moving ahead of the election because shop owners and residents are worried about what could happen in the city this week.

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FOX 5 saw several trades in Georgetown boarding on Sunday.

“It’s a gamble,” said Abraham Mizrahi, owner of the men’s shop Venturi. “We may be lucky and nothing happens or we may lose, and dealing with insurance and it’s all a headache. So we’ve had boards in the past, so we reused them.”

One said she planned to spend the night in her shop to help prevent things from getting out of control.

Although Mayor Muriel Basser has recommended that businesses not be allowed to grow, some employers are concerned, especially after the looting and damage during the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer following the police killing of George Floyd.

When it comes to election concerns, there has never been a fear in modern history that when the votes are counted and the results come out, the incumbent president cannot accept if he loses.

President Trump has been wary of saying that he will not necessarily promise a peaceful transfer of power and that the election will be rigged.

“I think everyone expects things to calm down and the power to change,” said Jason Johnson, who lives in DC. And no one can bet. “

Johnson said he has heard of George Washington University urging students this week to be careful and stock up on groceries and fill out prescriptions before the election. When he didn’t go to school, he followed the advice.

“We went to the grocery store on Saturday to make sure we had food for a week or two and a half.” “I think we might be more cautious, but it’s safer than sorry.”

Other DC residents said it’s important to see businesses thrive. Two friends, Noah and Darcy, told Fox 5 that they hoped the country would start dividing bridges.

“I hope that whatever happens with the election results, I hope they will somehow bring us together.” Said Noah.

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