Ellen Degeners announces the end of her TV show in the United States – 05/12/2021

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New York, May 12, 2021 (AFP) – Ellen Degeners, a key figure in American television talk show Culture, announced on Wednesday (12) that she would end her schedule after 19 seasons.

The decision comes amid a steady decline in viewership following claims from former employees and active employees that the Ellen DeGeneres show has a toxic work environment.

In 1997, the 63-year-old presenter, writer, producer, actress and comedian has won dozens of Emmy Awards for her program and has been a leader in the LGBTQ community in the United States since declaring herself gay in 1997.

This revelation, which was also unusual at the time and which he did through his character on the sitcom that took his name, shocked the United States and nearly condemned his career.

On Wednesday, he insisted that his decision had nothing to do with last year’s complaints, including reports of intimidation, racial discrimination and sexual harassment in the making of his show.

“When you’re a creative person, you need to be constantly challenged. And as good as the event is, and as much fun as it is, it’s no longer a challenge,” DeGenners told the Hollywood Reporter.

When reports of employees working on the program were revealed, the Degeneers acknowledged that there were problems and promised to take steps to fix them.

“It almost affects the program,” Ellen told the publication. “It was very painful for me. I mean, a lot. But if I was leaving the show for this, I wouldn’t be returning this season”;

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Some versions indicate that Degeners had been considering ending their talk shows for years.

On Thursday, another American TV star, Oprah Winfrey, is going to interview her to talk about that end.

The final episode is scheduled for spring 2022.

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