Elon Musk: Prototype of new SpaceX rocket explodes again

Elon Musk: Prototype of new SpaceX rocket explodes again

IThis is a new, bitter blow to high-tech pioneer Elon Musk’s Mars ambitions: the second time Musk’s company has a prototype of a new rocket SpaceX Explosion on landing. The starship SN9 hit the ground on Tuesday and went up in flames. In the long run, SpaceX wants to travel to Mars with a starship rocket.

“We still have a bit of work to do on the landing,” SpaceX representative John Inspucker said again after a failure in an online broadcast. It was not until December that a starship rocket – SN8 – went up in flames during the landing maneuver.

Bang bang and orange flames

SN9 took off from Boca Cheeka in Texas on Tuesday afternoon and reached an altitude of 10,000 meters. They then performed the test maneuver in a horizontal position without any problems. The problem began when the missile attempted to turn back into a vertical position for landing. Live images showed that the rocket was returning at very high speeds and at the wrong angle.

It then leapt with a deafening explosion and burst into a cloud of bright orange flames and dust. However, the fire did not spread.

Despite the failed landing maneuver, Inspucker spoke of “another spectacular flight”. “Very good data” was obtained from the test. The next test flight should be “in the near future”.

Oysters It is expected that the 120-meter rocket will one day be able to carry people and cargo to the Moon, Mars and possibly further. Private US company SpaceX has already established itself in space travel with the Falcon-9 rocket. In November, the first regular mission of a manned SpaceX rocket to the International Space Station began.

On Monday, SpaceX also announced that it would bring tourists to space for the first time in the last quarter of 2021. Four Wackers capsules are about to fly through Earth’s orbit in “Crew Dragon”. The capsule is to be brought into space by Falcon-9.

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