Elon Musk’s brother creates movement to fight malnutrition – small business big business

Elon Musk's brother creates movement to fight malnutrition - small business big business

Millions Garden Movement (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Elon Musk’s brother Kimble Musk launched an educational and charitable initiative in the United States that aims to fight hunger and malnutrition in addition to building the largest community of gardeners in the world.

The so-called “movement of millions of gardens” hopes to donate a botanical garden to each family that does not have access to fresh food. The gardens are set up in homes or classrooms through a donation of US $ 10, equivalent to R $ 56). Also called “Little Green Gardens”, they are ready for fruit and vegetable beds.

Musk explains that each site comes with a personalized farming plan, in addition to online classes and activities to support the cultivation of home gardens. “Planting a plant tomorrow is an act of hope for a brighter one. We hope that millions of people will join to develop our own garden and give a garden to a family, ”he said.

Seed of hope

Thousands have joined the Mali movement and celebrities like Harrison Ford, Zuwei Dashnell, Nicole Schrezinger and Maye Musk, Kimble’s mom, are also joining the cause.

More than 7,300 gardens have already been started, 600 of which are located in schools across the US, so that children learn about gardening and learn how they can support their communities.

Changing tide

Food insecurity was a problem in the United States long before the epidemic began. A 2017 study found that 5.6% of Americans do not have adequate access to fresh food. In Atlanta, for example, 125,000 people live just a convenient distance from the supermarket.

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The benefits of a home garden can significantly reduce these effects. According to the Journal of Extension, an average home garden produces about $ 677 in fruits and vegetables per year.

Musk now works to transform his initiative into a global movement.

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