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One of the founders of Embraer, Engineer Ojair Silva He is the first Brazilian and one of the world’s most important aeronautical engineering decorators to receive the Guggenheim Medal awarded by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

Tributes to Ojaires – who turned 90 in January – were announced on Thursday at 18 in a statement released by the AIAA.

Created in 1929, the Daniel Guggenheim Medal recognizes those who have achieved notable achievements in the field of aeronautics. The appointment is made by a board of experts from the AIAA, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers) and the Vertical Flight Society (Society of Vertical Flight, which runs the development flying car).

Among those awarded the medal is William Boeing, the founder Boeing, And Orville Wright, seen in the United States as one of the inventors of the aircraft, along with his brother Wilbur. They were recognized in 1934 and 1929 respectively.

In my last interview with EstadoOzair in january Said society needs to produce “trained, courageous and entrepreneurial professionals” For new companies with innovative potential, such as Embraer, to appear in the country. For this, he said, investment in education is necessary. Through e-mail, he said, “If there were more educational institutions at the level of ITA (Instituto Tecnolgico de Aeronautica), it would certainly do more and more in the development of citizen companies and the country.”

Still in january Ozaire honored with a short film Animation. With a duration of 14 minutes, the video “O Vu do Impossival” depicts the story of an aeronautical engineer who built a turboprop aircraft, which began development in 1965 and ended the rise for the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Given.

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