Emergency aid is the most searched ‘national term’ on Google in 2020; Understanding – Economy

Emergency aid is the most searched 'national term' on Google in 2020;  Understanding - Economy

Emergency aid app
Marcelo Cassel Jr./Agensia Brasil

Emergency aid was the most searched economic term by Brazilians on Google in 2020

Emergency aid, given by the Brazilian federal government as a result of the new coronovirus epidemic, was the most searched economic term on Google in Brazil in 2020. Among all conditions, emergency aid ranks second after the global problem ‘coronavirus’.

The states that led this discovery emergency aid
Google had Amapá, Pará, Amazonas, Maranhão and Bahia, which correspond to the location of beneficiaries of the program, which were mainly in the north and northeast regions.

Designed to reduce the effect of Universal epidemic
For low-income workers, especially informal and unemployed people without the right to unemployment insurance, emergency aid affected the political-economic agenda of the news and the dominance of the National Congress. The quest to extend the profit to 2021 has held debate between various sectors, but, for now, it should not come out.

The government argues that expanding the program is too expensive, while critics cite imminent Poverty increased
With the end of aid at the beginning of the year, the epidemic still continues – and is on the rise in Brazil.

In addition to Aid and Coronavirus, a Brazilian search on Google also went to elections, municipal and football in the United States. Check out the 10 most sought after topics in Brazil:

  1. Coronavirus;
  2. emergency aid;
  3. Election 2020;
  4. USA Election;
  5. BBB 2020;
  6. Brazilian Cup;
  7. Google Classroom;
  8. Flamengo x Sao Paulo;
  9. Brasileiro Serie A Classification; And
  10. NBA
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