Enemy – Capcom is sued by artist for unauthorized use of photos in his game

Enemy - Capcom is sued by artist for unauthorized use of photos in his game

Last Friday (4), Designer Judy A. juraseki filed a case against capcom For misuse and widespread use of images from your book, Surface, in many of the company’s games, from the series resident Evil Unless Devil May Cry.

Launched in 1996, the Surface is a collection of over 1,200 photographs intended to serve as a reference for artists in their projects, and also comes with a CD-ROM with the photo files.

However, commercial use of the images requires a licensing agreement, and Jurassek says Capcom has never contacted them for decades — but their images have been used in many of their games.

In process document (via) polygon) are many comparison images of the original images from the book, and the equivalents are found in titles such as resident devil 4handjob resident evil remake and series Devil May Cry.

(as the book’s name implies) In addition to surfaces, the lawsuit also alleges that the publisher also used an image of it to create the logo for one of the company’s most popular and recognized games, RE4. .

One argument in favor of the designer is that, Capcom faced hacker attack in 2020A lot of information was leaked to the public, including images used in games like Resident Evil.

“At least one of the images in the Capcom hacked files has the same filenames as those used on the CD-ROM”, called process.

refers to the document Recent allegations of plagiarism made by film director Richard Raforst by Design of Monsters by Resident Evil Village, who says he was inspired by his film frankenstein’s army.

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Judy A. Jurassic sought $12 million in damages for copyright infringement.

When asked by Polygon, Capcom has not commented on the matter.

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