England coach may get praise from Queen Elizabeth

England coach may get praise from Queen Elizabeth

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England may have fallen on a penalty in the Euro Cup final to Italy last Sunday (11). But the British campaign in the competition filled fans and a section of the country with pride. Moreover, coach Gareth Southgate may soon receive praise from Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of the English team’s performance in the competition.

According to the newspaper daily TelegraphThe UK Member of Parliament wants Southgate to be awarded the title of ‘Knight of the British Empire’ to Koch for all his work during the Euro competition. Conservative Party member Julian Knight gave the reasons.

“I think he can be nominated because of his personality and the way he behaved as a player and behaved as a coach. The team he coached put a smile on our faces once again,” Knight declared.

England’s coach deserves to be named Knight of the Empire, on behalf of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but he did not want to compromise on whether Southgate would be nominated immediately for such a command.

“I can’t guess anything about any respect they’re going to give, but I think Gareth has done a great job,” he said, also with the approval of the country’s sports minister, Gerry Sutcliffe. .

“To me, Southgate deserves to be honored. Boris must participate and ensure that this happens. We already have precedents from the past so that we can see this happen”, he reflected.

Other coaches such as Alf Ramsey (coach champion of the 1966 World Cup) and Bobby Robson (semi-finalist in the 1990 World Cup) have also won the same honor given by the UK government. According to yorkshire livePlayers of the English team can also be honored.

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