Epic asks court to stay Apple’s “revenge” against Fortnite maker • Eurogamernet

Epic asks court to stay Apple’s “revenge” against Fortnite maker • Eurogamernet

Epic has appealed to the court to stop what it called “revenge” against Apple’s Fortenet maker.

The game company has asked for permission to restore the Battle Royale game Fortnight on the App Store because of Epic’s antitrust case against the iPhone maker.

In late August, Apple shut down Epic’s App Store developer account, blocking future Fornet updates. It was the latest development in the public opinion of the two megacorps when Apple stopped Fornet from the App Store, which charges 30 percent, after Apple Games criminalized Apple and Google’s built-in payment systems.

“Today we asked the court to stop Epic’s retaliation for daring Epic to challenge its illegal sanctions as our antitrust case continues,” Epic said. “This is a necessary step to free consumers and developers from the control of Apple’s expensive, anti-competitive.”

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Epic launched a #freefornite social media campaign to put pressure on Apple. But late Friday it took the next step Filing for pre-order That will put Fortinite back on the App Store and retrieve its developer account.

At the time of filing, Epic argued that in the absence of a preliminary injunction, it would suffer “unsatisfactory damages.” It states that daily active users on iOS have lost less than 60 percent of their Furnite pull from the App Store. According to the filing, iOS is the largest platform for Fornite, with 116 million registered users – just a third of the total 350 million registered users. Obviously Fornite on iOS 63 users Percentage users use Fortinite only on iOS. For them, iOS is probably the only way to play.

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Epic has some tough words in its filing, saying it’s worried it’ll never see this iOS user, it’s lost before. The epic insists that the fornite com community has been broken (Fortnite’s newly released Chapter 2 – Season 4 update was not released on iOS and Mac last month), and some of its other games are stuck. Shadow Complex Remastered, for example, has also been removed from the Mac App Store as a result of the closure of Apple’s Epic developer account.

Epic claims that Apple has threatened to block any attempt to apply for a new developer account for at least a year. “Removing Fortnite from iOS also significantly hinders the epic initiative – developing Fornet into a full-fledged ‘metavars’, a multi-purpose, continuous, interactive virtual space,” says Epic. “The damage done to Epic’s flagship app in this way cannot be calculated.”

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Epic, meanwhile, accused Apple of having a “monopoly” that “maintains its position by explicitly barring it from any competition. Forging from the App Store” is a clear warning to other developers. That would dare challenge Apple’s monopoly: follow our rules or we’ll set you apart from the one billion iOS users – challenge us and we’ll destroy your business, “Epic said.

Apple has said it will allow Fortnite to return to the App Store if Epic removes the direct payment feature. The epic has so far declined. In a letter dated July 10, 2020, and involved in the filing of Epic, Douglas G. Waiter, Apple’s Vice President and Associate General Counsel, stated: “Certainly Epic must understand that Apple must Is entitled to a refund. After all, the epic takes great pains to protect its own investments and intellectual property.

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“However, you acknowledge that Apple has no right to do so, and they want Apple and the App Store to provide it without paying a dime. Apple cannot succumb to this unreasonable demand.”

Apple has not yet responded to the latest filing, but it looks like there will be a lot of agitation on Labor Day weekend in the United States.

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